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Cat Sculpture

Cats are intriguing to me, and it's not surprising that they play such a mysterious and even iconic role in history.

In ancient Egypt, they were revered as sacred beings and protectors, especially in the city of Bubastis where large festivals were held in their honor. The Goddess Bast(et) was often depicted in feline form; sometimes as a warring lioness, but also connected to the moon, and associated with love, sex, and music.

Several ancient religions believed that they were exalted all knowing companions to humans, but were mute so they couldn't influence human decision making, while Seafarers kept them not only to keep rats at bay but some believed they could for- tell the weather and that they were good luck charms.

Superstitions about them having nine lives or black cat's crossing your path probably started in the dark ages when it was believed they were capable of black magic and were burned at the stake along with their masters who were believed to be witches.
In my portrayal of cats, I'm striving for an iconic feel with some humanity as well.

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"Leap Cat"
"Sunday Morning"
"Upstretched Cat"
"Miw "