Horse Sculpture


Horse Sculpture

Horses for me represent sensuality--physical and uninhibited; horses have been connected to humans in a reciprocal, co-dependent relationship throughout time. As a child I perceived them as all powerful and magical--yet utterly approachable, doglike companions; a savior to spirit me away from the life I led. It was all I wished and hoped for, but never experienced. By the time I was of an age to move toward this goal, my passion toward that reality diminished, as I discovered boys.

Still horses are larger than life in my reality; there's an Iconic quality in them that never got tarnished by the reality of having one.
In my sculpture, behind the magic there's always an element of human emotion showing through, that shows the puppet masters strings.

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"Tuesday's Negotiation"

"Home Stretch"
"Leap Of Faith"
"Letting Go Of It"
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